Zoom Meeting app adds new security features

As millions of professionals started working from home, Zoom meeting app gained fame. Users from all over the world are using to keep in touch with near and dear ones during the Coronavirus pandemic. Zoom app allows users to conduct video conferences because of which the app became a popular choice among Educational institutions and businesses. As there are security concerns with the recorded videos, Zoom Meeting app adds new security features. Let’s take a look at new features.


Zoom Meeting app new security features:

Zoom meeting app announced, “Waiting Room feature” and two meeting password setting for Basic and Pro users. A password for personal meeting ID and a password for meetings that have already been scheduled. The reason for adding the password should be to prevent unwanted participation from joining the meeting.

With the new security update, Zoom meeting password will be in the invitation. Like we discussed above, the new virtual waiting room feature needs approval from the host to join the meeting. Another important control is, admins have to approve the joining of each participant. However, there is an option to disable the feature manually if you do not want it.


  • Zoom has introduced new security and privacy measures to prevent Zoombombing.
  • It will soon turn on passwords and waiting rooms for meetings.


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