YouTube Music and YouTube Premium come to India : Try 3 months Free Trial

YouTube Premium extends offline play and background listening in India. YouTube Premium also extends removal of ads across YouTube. They say that the YouTube Premium includes access to YouTube original programming like Cobra Kai, BTS etc. Company already has Google Play music and these subscribers will now gain access to YouTube Music as part of subscription.

They say that Ad support version of YouTube will be free of cost however one can opt for YouTube music Premium at Rs. 99/month. YouTube Premium costs Rs. 129/month. Family plan is also available at Rs. 189/month and this subscription lets you add six accounts for Rs. 189/m.

This pricing stands to be the cheapest when compared to other countries around the world.

Google offers 3 months Trial for YouTube Premium and starts charging after completion of this trial period. Please note that you have to update your card details before accepting “YouTube Premium” Trial.

YouTube Premium is very interesting because of its features like ability to play videos in background even when your phone is locked, access to YouTube Originals and offline downloads. In addition to this YouTube Music Premium is bundled with Youtube Premium.

It is a known fact that YouTube has a strong presence in India and YouTube is the top source for streaming music. Hope it becomes stronger with YouTube Premium.

Want to know how to subscribe for YouTube Premium, click here….

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