Xiaomi Mi Express Kiosks announced in India

Xiaomi  launched India’s first automatic smartphone dispenser i.e “Xiaomi Mi Expres Kiosk” on Monday. The company announced that it is opening Mi Express Kiosks across India. As a result of this launch Smartphone buyers can now quickly purchase Xiaomi smartphones using these Mi Express Kiosks. Xiaomi has firstly installed Mi Express Kiosk in Manyata Tech Park in Bengaluru.

In short let us see what is Mi Express Kiosk?

Mi Express Kiosk is a machine that dispenses Xiaomi smartphones and accessories. Like we discussed above, users can pay for smartphones or accessories using credit, debit, cash and UPI and purchase Xiaomi products.

Xiaomi is most likely to fill stock everyday so that the kiosks will always have stock. Most importantly Xiaomi is likely to install Mi Express Kiosks in public areas like Airports, Metro Stations Shopping malls and Tech Parks in future.

What products can you expect via Xiaomi Mi Express Kiosks?

Almost all smartphones and smartphone related accessories should be available via Kiosk. However you cannot expect to buy televisions, Mi luggage and other heavy products via Mi Express Kiosk.

To Clarify here are the products that you can purchase via Kiosk:

  • Almost all the Smartphones
  • Xiaomi Bluetooth Speakers
  • Power Banks
  • Car chargers
  • Earphones
  • Selfie sticks
  • Data cables
  • Bluetooth earphones

In other words, you can purchase all smartphones and smartphone accessories via kiosks. However cannot purchase Heavy products using Kiosks.

Highlight of this Launch:

  1. Xiaomi’s latest Retail Strategy in India will help to eliminate operational and cost inefficiencies for consumers.
  2. As a result of this launch, Kiosks will appear in public areas like Metro Stations, Shopping Malls, Airports and Tech Parks soon.


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