Xiaomi launched Mi Band 4 – 20 days of Battery life

Xiaomi launched Mi Band 4 fitness tracker in 3 variants. Company has not revealed details of India Launch however Mi Band 4 is expected to be launched in India as well.

Mi Band 4 comes with 6 axis accelerometer that empowers the Band to detect activities on the go and calculate fitness parameters. Mi Band 4 supports QR based payments and is backed by Alipay like Fitbit does with Fitbit Pay.

Mi Band 4 launch updates

Mi Band 4

Mi Band 4 variants:

  1. Mi Band 4 Standard
  2. Mi Band 4 NFC Variant
  3. Mi Band 4 Avengers series limited edition


Mi Band 4 Standard is priced at 169 Yuan(Rs. 1700) where as the NFC variant costs 229 Yuan(Rs. 2,300) and the Avengers series limited edition costs 349(Rs. 3,500).


Mi Band comes with a 0.95” AMOLED colour display with a 120×240 pixels resolutions. Most importantly, the display supports touch and has an inbuilt microphone. Mi Band 4 also accepts voice commands. Band 4 detects activities like walking, Swimming, cycling and running. It is water proof and tracks hence tracks swimming strokes like breaststroke, backstroke, butterfly etc. One of the most important feature is that the Band rates the swimmer as well.

Mi Band 4

Xiaomi Mi Band 4

Connectivity options:

Xiaomi Mi Band 4 notifies users about calls, messages and Music. When it comes watch faces, Band 4 has lost of new faces. Most importantly Band 4 offers 20 days of Battery backup on a single charge.

Mi Band 4

Mi Band 4

Highlights of Mi Band 4:

  • Band 4 is smarter than the previous models and it is much Stylish.
  • Mi Band 4 is launched in China and the cost of the standard variant is Rs. 1700.
  • Band 4 comes with advanced fitness features like coloured OLED display, multiple faces and a long battery life of 20 days in a single charge.


What is a fitness Tracker and what are the uses of these Bands/trackers?

Fitness Tracker is a wearable device that records our daily physical activities with data relating to number of calories burned, heart rate, distance walked or run, Quality of sleep etc.


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