Why should you buy iPhone – reasons to buy buy iPhones

Many people ask the question “Why should I buy iPhone spending huge money when Android phones are available in the market starting from Rs. 10,000? This is the reason we have come up with reasons for buying iPhone.

There are many reasons why we choose phone from Apple over Android smartphones. Here we will talk about some of the popular reasons.


1. You Like iOS better than Android OS and you are the lover of Apple products

Some of us like iOS very much than Android operating system. There is no wonder if I say there are users who tried both the operating systems and decided to go with iOS. Here it is the Apple’s interface and design that drawn some of the users.


2. iPhones support all of the apps that most of us want

People usually buy smartphones to gain access to apps and most of these most popular apps are available in iOS App Store.


3. iPhones play well with other Apple devices

Most importantly people purchase iPhones as they already have Apple products at home. There are many third party apps that you can use cross your devices from different manufacturers and this is another reason why you should buy iPhone.


4. iPhones are easy to recognize

When you walk into an electronics store to pick out your favorites from the lineup of options, most of the smartphones look the same. However an iPhone is relatively easy to recognize, hence people pick iPhones because they are the only familiar devices when compared with other smartphones.

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