WhatsApp Call waiting feature on Android

Good news for those who are expecting call wait feature from WhatsApp. WhatsApp has begun rolling out an update for Android users and with this update, it introduces call waiting feature. Let’s learn more about WhatsApp Call waiting feature on Android

Call waiting feature alerts users when they are busy on another WhatsApp call and receives a Whatsapp call. Users will get an alert to either disconnect the ongoing Whatsapp call or decline it. This does not mean that the user can keep the call on hold as 2 users cannot be on the same line simultaneously.

The feature was made available for iPhone app earlier and now the company introduces the feature to Android users.

Call waiting feature

Call waiting feature

How does the call waiting feature works?

Currently, if Android users receive a call when another Whatsapp call is on, the incoming call gets automatically disconnected. The user sees a missed call notification after ending the existing call. However, with the latest update, users get an option to choose to pick the incoming call while talking with another caller. This means the UI shows a green “End and accept” button alongside the “Decline” button. The incoming call will be canceled and the user can carry on with the ongoing call when they press the “Decline” button. When you press the “End & Accept” button, the call will be ended allowing you to accept and talk to the other person.

The latest update also rolls out the updated group privacy feature. This feature allows the users to decide who can add them to a WhatsApp call.


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