Some cool and amazing keyboard shortcuts for windows users

Most of us are so addicted to mouse and do not realize how it interrupts our workflow. Every time we reach out for it, we lose our focus and most importantly time. Let’s see how effectively we can use a keyboard and increase our productivity by using Some cool and amazing keyboard shortcuts for Windows users.

To switch to a New Fresh Desktop:

Windows Key + Ctrl + D     ( Windows users)    Control + UP  (Mac users)


To Switch between virtual Desktops:

Windows Key + Ctrl and press left and right arrow key to switch between desktops

How to close: Press Windows Key + Ctrl + F4


How to return to Desktop from Apps:

Press Windows Key + M


How to open an App from the Taskbar:

Press Windows Key + number keys from 1 to 9 (Each number represents an app)


How to Split screen between two apps:

Open the app that you need to work, now press Windows key + left arrow. Open the other app that you need to work, press Windows Key + Right arrow


Switch apps:

Pressing Ctrl + Alt + Tab shows all the app running on your computer.


Program management and Troubleshooting:

Ctrl + Shift + Esc this opens the task manager and shows the program that is not working. You can select the app and force stop.


How to open File explorer:

Press Windows Key + E opens the file manager.

Use the Magnifier:

Press Windows Key    + or – keys


How to take screenshots:

Press Windows Key + Print Screen to take the screenshot and now you have to save it.


How to use Action Center:

Press Windows Key + A


Access Settings:

Press Windows Key + I


How to talk to Cortana:

Press Windows Key + C


How to use the Windows Game Bar:

Press Windows Key + G


How to lock down your Computer:

Press Windows Key + L


How to rotate screen:

Ctrl + Alt + Up / Down / left / Right arrow keys


How to delete without Confirmation:

Shift + Del

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