Smart Villages – My dream villages

There are almost 1.5 billion people in the world who do not have access to Electricity, CC roads, proper drainage system, drinking water, rest rooms, Street lights and employment. Lakhs of people are cooking food on dangerous and inefficient and living in huts build with mud, stones and bamboo sticks. Very little progress can be made to develop their economies and improve lives until these people have access to modern services . I’ve been to many villages during these 30 years and spent time with people in villages where there are No street lights, Hospitals, Schools, rest rooms, drainage system and roads. These are the reasons that made me to think of Smart Villages or My dream Villages.

Our Villages


What are Smart Villages?

Smart Village is the village that has access to sustainable energy services. These energy services are the catalysts for development and enable access to good food, Education, Healthcare, clean water, sanitation and nutrition.

Smart Villages in India

Smart Village

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