Shortcuts for Google Docs, Sheets and Forms

In our day to day life almost 70 percent of working professionals use Google Docs, Sheets and Forms. To help users Google has added hundreds of features. Creating a new Sheet or a document takes lot of time as it involves lot of steps.

Google has now added new feature that helps users to create Sheets and Documents faster. This feature helps you to create a document even without heading to Google Drive. However you need a working Internet connection and a Google Account.

Let us see how the Shortcut help you to Create Docs, Sheets and Forms faster:

Shortcut for Google Docs:

Open the browser and type, or in address bar. This helps you to create a new Google Docs file.

Google Docs shortcuts

Google Docs shortcuts

Shortcut for Google Sheets:

Open the browser and type “” or or in the address bar. This will open a new spreadsheet.

Google Sheets Shortcut

Google Sheets Shortcut

Shortcut for Google Sites:
If you are planning to design a new website on Google Sites and would like to use the shortcut, type “” or

Shortcut for Google Slides:
In the address column of the browser type “” or or to create a new slideshow.

Shortcut for Google Forms:
Open the browser and type “” or in the address column to create new form in Google Docs.

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