How we can bring back house Sparrows?

Have you Heard a Sparrow chirping these Days?

For sure, most of us have not seen sparrows these days.

The little brown-grey birds once found in plenty are hardly ever sighted in big cities these days. It looks like we have failed to maintain the trust these birds placed on us which is why we could not find these little birds these days. House Sparrows were once found in huge numbers across the world. Sparrows were found in Bus stands, railway stations, gardens, schools, parks those days. Let’s see how to how we can bring back house Sparrows?


Let us see why Sparrows disappeared?

Here are some of the reasons why Sparrows disappeared, especially in cities. 

  • Homes are now high rise buildings with no ledges, nooks or crannies.
  • Most gardens these days are given over to exotic species that do not belong there.
  • Native plants have been uprooted and thrown out.

    Save Sparrows

  • Water is a scarce resource in most cities and concrete has replaced the dust.


Those days gunny bags filled with rice and lentils were stored outside grocery stores and when the rice or lentils were measured out for you, a few of it fell to the ground. Sparrows waiting nearby for just such an incident would swoop down happily and make a meal of it. But with grocery shops giving way to supermarkets, this is not possible nowadays.

Those days gunny bags filled with rice, ragi, and other grains were stored outside grocery stores because of which sparrows used to come there to have food. This way of selling groceries has completely changed now.


How we can bring back house Sparrows?

  1. By making arrangements in the balcony or in the Garden for the availability of water and grains to these birds can bring back sparrows.
  2. Minimizing pollution as much as we can bring back these birds.
  3. For sure we cannot stop using mobiles, however, minimizing mobile phones is in our hands and this can bring back sparrows. 
  4. A small wooden home for these brown birds helps to bring back Sparrows.


The excessive use of chemical fertilizer has ruined it for them here too.

I strongly feel that it is very important to save these little birds. If you are a lover of these birds, please comment, share images of sparrows in this blog. 

Here are a few pics that I’ve clicked during my visit to my birthplace which is a small village. I have been living in a metropolitan city for about 15+ years and never saw these little birds. Just take a look at this small and beautiful bird. 


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