Pune based Polarity launched 6 smart electric Bikes – Price & Specifications

Pune based Polarity revealed six Smart Electric Bikes in India. These bikes are intended to commute within the city and come with pedal assistance ensuring there is no range anxiety. Polarity electric bikes offers a range of 80 kms on a full charge. (top speed of upto 100 kmph).

This start up company is offering bikes in Sport and Executive categories. These bikes include S1K, S2K, S3K, E1K, E2K and E3K. The price range of these bikes is Rs. 38000 – Rs. 1.10 lakh

These smart electric bikes are powered by an electric motor in addition to pedal assistance. This means that there is no range anxiety for the rider. 

You can pre-book the bikes by paying a token amount of just Rs. 1001/-

Highlights of Polarity bikes:

  • These electric Bikes/bicycles run on motors with power ranging from 1KW to 3KW. 
  • Powered by Lithium-ion battery. 
  • Battery has 1000 life cycles and comes with 3 year warranty. 
  • All the bikes have a ride range of 80 kms. 
  • Bikes are built on lightweight steel frame with a kerb weight of upto 55kg.
  • Top end comes with GPS tracking system and Bluetooth connectivity. 

Specifications of Polarity smart electric Bikes:

Polarity E1K Specification:

E1K weighs 55 kgs (approximately) and comes with a BLDC hub motor of 1KW. It consists of Lithium-ion battery with a voltage of 40V. 

Battery Life:       3 year warranty

Charger (standard):       40V 5A

Charger (Optional) :     40V 10A

Range:                          80 km

Top Speed:                   40 kmph

Price: Rs. 38,000/-


Specification of Polarity E2K

E2K weighs 55 kgs (approximately) and the bike comes with BLDC hub motor of 1.5KW. It packs Lithium-ion battery with a nominal voltage of 50V.

Battery Life: 3 year warranty

Charger (standard): 50V 5A

Charger (Optional) : 50V 10A

Range: 80 km+

Top Speed: 60 kmph

Price: Rs. 65,000/-

Specification of Polarity E3K

E3K weighs under 55 kgs and comes with BLDC hub motor of 2.5KW, consisting of Lithium-ion as its battery type with a nominal voltage of 80V. Most interesting and important feature in this bike is, it comes with a built in GPS tracking and Bluetooth. 

Battery Life: 3 year warranty

Charger (standard): 80V 5A

Charger (Optional) : 80V 10A

Range: 80 km+

Top Speed: 80 kmph

Price: Rs. 1.05 Lakhs

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