My Village Show – Most happening Telugu YouTube channel

My Village Show is one of the most happening and subscribed Telugu YouTube Channels. This Telugu channel has almost 10 lakh subscribers and all the videos uploaded by the channel have millions of views. My Village show – one of the most happening telugu YouTube channel, produces village fun videos, Drama, TikTok videos, Village comedy shows etc.

In short My Village show is all about fun short films, songs and videos that shows the life in villages.

My Village show team

My Village show team

The mind behind My Village Show- One of the most happening Telugu YouTube channel:

Srikanth Sriram is the mind behind “My Village Show”. Srikanth Sriram is an engineering professor-turned-YouTuber.

I personally like most videos that the channel uploads and wonder how they get millions of views within days of uploading the videos.

Here is the list of short films by My Village Show:

Meet Telangana’s 60 year old YouTube sensation star:

Gangavva is now telangana’s YouTube sensation. She is from a farmer’s family from Lambadipally village. Gangavva is known for tilling the ground, sowing seasonal produce and reaping the harvest. This is all about Gangavva until she appeared on YouTube show. Gangavva is now sensation star of YouTube Channel “My Village Show”.

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Initial days of My Village Show:

Sources say that “My Village Show” team began with fun shoots. These shoots include elders’ reaction to a burger, a selfie stick and the latest gadgets.



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