Incredibly useful websites

Internet is like an Ocean and it is impossible to getting around every corner of the web and explore. I sure everyone might have missed some of the very best sites on web. Let us see some of those best and incredibly useful websites that you should visit at least once.


Wikipedia is an online encyclopedia and it is run by volunteers. Wikipedia is very useful when you have to search for topics like general relativity, supermassive black holes or computer networks. There are more than one Lakh fifty thousand articles however you won’t find entries for everything you look up. Wikipedia is very helpful for Students, kids and for those who wants to learn English.

Project Gutenberg:

Are you looking for an alternative to Amazon Kindle ebook store? If yes, Project Gutenberg is the solution as it has more than fifty nine thousand digital books. Most of the books are now in public domain.

You can read these ebooks on your browser. You need not have to create an account to access these ebooks.



Use Speedtest if you wish to know your Internet speed. Ookla’s speedtest is one of the best ways to check how good or bad is the Internet connection. Most importantly, you can use speedtest without logging in.

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