How to Write an Essay

Essay is something that we hear from School days and many of us write essays even in the corporate world. Children start writing essays in middle, high and college schooling. Writing an essay is very common in the Business world as well. Many children need assistance when it comes to writing an Essay. This is the reason for writing this article. Before we discuss about how to write an essay, let us see what is an Essay.

An Essay:

An Essay is defined as ‘a short piece of writing that expresses information and the opinion of the writer’.

Steps to write an Essay:

For some, essay writing is as simple as sitting in front of a computer and typing. However writing an essay is a big task for some and planning itself will take hours of time. If you are struggling with writing an essay and want to improve your essay writing skills, it is a good idea to follow these steps.

  1. Decide what kind of Essay to write. (Most of the cases in real life, we are given a topic and asked to write an essay)
  2. Brainstorm your Topic.
  3. Do your research.
  4. Develop a statement.
  5. Outline Essay.
  6. Write your Essay.
  7. Edit the written essay to check for spelling and Grammar.

To write a successful essay, it is very important to follow these steps.

Choose what type of Essay to write:

First things first, the first step in writing an essay is to define what type of essay you are writing. Essays are grouped into four structures. They are:

Narrative Essay: In narrative essay, tell a story about your subject in an orderly manner. It is like narrating a story.

Persuasive Essay: This type of writing an essay is all about convincing the reader about some point of view.

Expository Essay: This is explaining readers how to do a given process. In simple words, expository essay is a step by step process of doing things.

Descriptive Essay: Descriptive essay writing mainly focuses on details of what is going on. Example: Writing about your recent trip to India or Ooty.

Choose the best one as your essay topic. Check if you wish to write a topic that is too broad or narrow.


Research the Topic:

When you are done with choosing your topic and brainstorming, do some research to write a great essay. Do some research online for information about the topic that you have selected. There will be many experts around you, ask them some questions and gather information. Organize the information that you have gathered, this will be easy for you to refer later.


Develop a Thesis:

Thesis statement is a sentence that says what the essay is all about and is used in introductory paragraph.


Outline your Essay:

Outlining what you are writing is equally important. Writing an outline helps to ensure a well organized essay.

In simple words, you should know what exactly each paragraph is going to be about.

Start writing an Essay: Now you have an outline and it is time to start writing an essay. Starting writing your essay from Outline.


Revise the written essay for clarity, consistency and structure.

Make sure everything flows together.

Make sure you have a strong introduction and conclusion.


Check Spelling and Grammar:

Your essay is now ready however it is very essential to reread what you have written. Look out for mistakes and typos. Also check if there are technical errors. You need to check for grammar, punctuation as well and these plays major role in an essay.

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