How to win upto Rs. 3300 by playing Tez Shots

Tech giant Google introduced Tez Shots in payments app Google Pay. Let us see how to win upto Rs. 3300 by playing Tez Shots

What is Tez Shots?

Tez Shots is a game (cricket) introduced by Google in GPay app. You can sign into GPay and find the game under Promotions. You get a chance to win Rs. 3300 by playing this game. You just need to play the game and score runs to get scratch cards.

Now we will check How to play Tez Shots and get scratch cards:

Users of GPay have to sign into app.

Click on Tez Shots that is available under promotions.

Start hitting the Ball and score runs. The total score is the sum of all the runs scored in the games.

Whenever the player reaches the milestone, the player earns scratch cards. (Milestones are Rs. 50 for 100 runs, Rs. 100, Rs. 150 and so on)

To unlock the scratch card, one has to successfully complete the qualifying transaction assigned to the locked scratch card. (during offer period only)

Please note that the game is available for Google Pay users on Android and the Offer lasts till July 31st 2019.

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