How to use your voice to control Google Assistant

Artificial intelligence is playing a very important role these days. Google Assistant stands in the first place when it comes to making use of Artificial intelligence. The chatbot is available on Android devices and helping smartphone users in many ways. It manages tasks such as scheduling alarms, events, search Internet, turn on battery saver, display email notification. That is not all, you can also take command Google Assistant to play your favorite songs, etc. Most importantly the bot helps in dialing numbers and reading messages while driving. You need not have to even touch your phone to do these tasks. However, you need to have a working internet connection to use Google Assistant. let’s see how to activate and use your voice to control Google Assistant.

How to use Google Assistant

How to use Google Assistant

How to activate Google Assistant and how to use your voice to control Google Assistant?

To activate Google Assistant, hold the home button on your device or say “Okay Google“.

Here are some of the tasks that you can do using Google Assistant: 

Open Google Assistant: Say ‘Okay Google

Know the day’s appointments: Say ‘ Today’s appointment

Set alarm: Say ‘Set alarm’

Send message to any of your contacts: Say ‘Send message‘. Google Assistant will ask for whom, tell the contact name and the message that you want to type.

Make a call: say ‘call along with the contact name” example: Call Arjun

Know information about Sports: Say ‘Ongoing matches‘ example India vs Sri Lanka

Search Internet: Say the keyword that you wish to search

Convert currencies: Say convert $15 into Rupees

To check weather: Say ‘ what is weather today

Traffic : Say ‘how is the traffic to work‘.

To use the Calculator: Say ‘what is 35% of 80

To use Translator: Say ‘how do I say “how are you doing” in Spanish?

How to play music: Say ‘Play some music


What is Google Assistant?

used to operate Android devices using voice commands. You can schedule a meeting, searching the Internet, etc.

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