How to use Smartphone for better sleep

The Quality of sleep is getting affected these days because of constant use of smartphones throughout the day and night. We use these smartphones even before going to bed and this result in sleepless nights. It is impossible to expect a good sleep after working for 9 plus hours sticking to those computer screens and using mobiles during leisure time. As we cannot stop working or using mobile phones, we have to look for ways to get better sleep. Let us see how to use your Smartphone for better sleep.

Before you go to Bed: 2 hours before

As we know, temperature of the room plays an important role in quality of sleep. Hence it is very important to tune the room temperature for a better sleep. Sources say that the room temperature should be between 18-22 degree Celsius for good sleep. Make sure you tune the room temperature within 18-22 degree Celsius. Avoid having tea or coffee at least 2 hours before going to bed.

Pull off these lights and sound for better sleep.

These days most of the homes have smart bulbs and these will be paired to smartphones. If you too has smart bulb that is connected to your smartphone, dim the lights and switch to warmer tone from the standard white light.

You might be wondering where the smartphone is coming into picture…..

Tips for better sleep

Tips for better sleep

We will now check how to use Smartphone for better sleep:

One hour before going to bed, pair your smartphone to wireless speakers and play Natural music/sleep music.

As constant staring as screens raises stress and delays sleep, keep your phone away or into silent mode. Listen to music and slowly you will be lost in good sleep.

Here are few proven tips for Better sleep

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