How to use WhatsApp web on a computer?

Have you seen a smartphone without WhatsApp these days? I know the answer is No. The reason is that WhatsApp replaced SMS and has become our primary source of communication. It is one of the world’s most popular and used app. Everyone loves WhatsApp because it does not require training. In addition to that, making calls, video calls are just a tap away. One can also send and receive messages, documents, Resumes, photos, and GIFs. It is not just friends and families that are using WhatsApp, Organizations are also using the app as it is very easy to communicate by creating groups. Organizations use WhatsApp web feature because it is fast and it is fun to type messages using a web browser. Let’s see how to use WhatsApp web on computer.

Steps on how to use WhatsApp web on a computer:

How to use WhatsApp web on computer

How to use WhatsApp web on a computer


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