How to use Multiple Signatures in Gmail

Did you happen to notice this new feature that Google has added to Gmail? If not, here is the important feature that you might have missed out. Google rolled out multiple signatures for different situations such as personal, office, and client-related use. Very interesting right, let’s see how to set up and use multiple signatures in Gmail.

How to setup and use multiple signatures in Gmail

How to set up and use multiple signatures in Gmail

Steps to create multiple Signatures:

  • Navigate to Gmail settings by clicking on the gear icon from the top right corner of your inbox.
  • Head to General and scroll down to Signature.
  • To add a signature, click on Create New button.
  • Enter the desired Signature name and click on done.
  • Once the signature is created, you will see a box on the right side; add other required information in the Signature box.

Follow the above steps and add an official signature or a signature for personal use.

Multiple Signatures in Gmail

Multiple Signatures in Gmail

How to use Multiple Signatures in Gmail:

After drafting the email, Tap on the Signature icon or the pen icon from the bottom of the compose box and choose the signature.

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What are the benefits of using multiple signatures?

Google has added the feature to give users the flexibility to create different signatures and use those signatures depending on the situation. For example, if you want to send a personal email, you will have a signature for personal use and in the same way for official use, you will have a different signature.

You can also take off the signature for forwarding emails or while replying to any email.

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