How to transfer Facebook Photos to Google Photos

Almost 95% of Facebook users will have hundreds of amazing photos on Facebook, however, we do not use Facebook as a solution to store photos for a long time. We have Google Photos where we can save our sweet memories in the form of Digital Photographs. If you guys have not started saving photos in Google Photos, go ahead and start using Google Photos. It lets you save thousands of Photos/Videos online, allowing you to access from anywhere in the world. Now the question is how to transfer or Export Facebook Photos to Google Photos?

Steps to transfer or Export Facebook Photos to Google Photos:

First things first: Download all the photos or videos on your Facebook account to a local file first and then upload those photos to Google Photos.

  • Open Facebook App on your Smartphone.
  • Tap Three Lines on the top navigation bar.
  • Scroll down to “Settings & Privacy” and tap on it.
  • Click Settings.
  • Scroll down to tap on “Download your information”.
  • Click de-select all.
  • Now select “Photos and Videos” so that photos and videos will get selected.
  • Scroll to the bottom of the page.
  • Click/Tap Medium under the Media Quality Option.
  • Tap High to get the highest-Quality of your files.
  • Click Create File.

Wait for Facebook to process your download request and once the file is ready, do this.

Tap Download which is next to the file.

Enter your Facebook password and click Continue

Wait for your photos to download as this takes time depending on the internet connection and the number of photos that you are downloading. Once the photos are downloaded, follow the below steps.

Open the files app on your Smartphone.

Select the Facebook file.

Tap photos_and_Videos.

Click 3 dots at the top right corner of the screen.

Tap Extract to.. and click Extract

Once the extracting is done, move these files/photos to Google Photos. 

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