How to start a Blog in 2020?

The beginner’s guide to creating a Blog

Before knowing how to start a Blog in 2020, let us first see what is Blogging. A Blog or a weblog is a web page that consists of posts. These posts can be by a single author or multiple authors. In addition to that, these posts can also be pertaining to any specific topic or multiple topics. Blogging is the act of writing in a Blog.

Now let us see how to start a Blog?

I’ve been blogging for almost 2 years and still, there are things to learn to become a master blogger.   🙂

It took almost 2-3 months to research about blogging and set up my blog “ Trust me, I had to visit multiple websites to gather information about Blogging, how to set up a blog, which platform to go with and so on. This is only the purpose of writing this step-by-step guide. This should help beginners how to set up their blog fast.

Steps to start a blog:

Step 1: Select a niche for the Blog:

Before starting a blog it is very important to know your goals, figure out how to make the blog a profitable brand. Most importantly figure out who your readers are.

Choosing a Niche:

They say “to become a successful blogger, one has to pick the right niche”. Once you are done with choosing the niche, work for success, recognition and to reach the audience or the readers.

Step 2: Choose a blogging platform:

  • Step 3: Pick a domain name.
  • Step 4: Get a web hosting account.
  • Step 5: Starting a blog on WordPress.
  • Step 6: Select a WordPress theme to design the Blog.
  • Step 7: Write content and promote the blog.
  • Step 8: Make money by blogging.
How to start a blog in 2020

How to start a blog in 2020

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