How to schedule your email in Gmail?

Most of us schedule social media campaigns, posts etc. Likewise, users of Gmail are also searching for information on how to schedule an email in Gmail. Let us see how scheduling the email works and how to schedule your email in Gmail.

Multi-tasking is very common these days. You might be in a meeting and at the same time, you need to drop an important email to your client. This is where exactly email scheduling is very much essential. Gmail has added a feature to schedule emails.

With its latest update, Gmail announced an email schedule feature. This feature allows Gmail users to schedule emails. Because of this sending email during odd hours has become easy.

Steps to schedule Email on Desktop:

Compose an email.

Schedule email

Schedule email

Once you are done with drafting the email, click on the arrow button seen next to the send button.


Select the time or pick date and time from the calendar.

Schedule email

Schedule email

Now click on Schedule send.


How to schedule an email in Gmail from your Smartphone?

  • Launch the Gmail app from your Smartphone/Mobile.
  • Click the compose button or the + (plus) symbol on the right bottom corner of the app.
  • Enter the recipient’s email address, Subject and once you are done with composing the mail Click on 3 dots on the top right-hand corner of the screen/mail.
  • Select the time or pick date and time from the calendar.
  • As soon as you select the time and date, your mail will be scheduled.


What are the benefits of Email Scheduling?

Who does not like to schedule an email these days?  We love to schedule email because of the following benefits:

It is very easy to stay on top of the recipient’s inbox when an email is scheduled. Emails are more likely to open if the mail arrives at certain times in the day. Another important benefit of scheduling an email is, you can have control over time zone differences.

Scheduling emails improve morale. It allows you to always acknowledge your coworkers free time. Email scheduling also makes your inbox flexible.

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