How to measure distance using your Smartphone – Measure distance apps for Android devices

These days Smartphones have replaced tens and tens of gadgets in life. For example flash light in your camera replaced torch light/emergency light, watch, professional cameras and many more. The best part is that we need not have to carry those big cameras as the smartphones are equipped with high end cameras that produce great quality pictures. These days we need not have to buy news paper or go to library to reads books as there are thousands of ebooks are available online and Smartphones made our work easy. There are thousands of applications on Google Play store that make our lives much easier. One of those apps is “Measure Distance app”. Let us see how to measure distance using our smartphones.

Here are the measure distance apps for Android devices:

EasyMeasure – Camera Distance Measurement App:

If you are wondering how to measure the height of the building, tree or the tower without using measuring tape. EasyMeasure is the answer to your question. “EasyMeasure is a measuring app that helps us in measuring the distance from objects that can be captured by the camera lens of your smartphone.

How to measure distance?

Direct you smartphone at the object and the app will show the distance between you and the object. The distance will then be displayed on camera screen. You can also check height of people around.

Distance Measure:

Distance Measure helps you in measuring the distance point to point on a Map. To measure the distance one has to tap and hold the map to set new point. You then have to choose one of the opened options to read what next. To change the Map type or unit of measurement, you can do it from settings. Please note that this app needs Internet connection to measure distance as the app uses online Maps.


Smart Measure:

Smart Measure one of the most used measure distance apps on Android. The app has been downloaded more than ten million times. Smart Measure supports 12 languages. You can measure height of any object using your smartphone and the app works using trigonometry laws. You just have to point your camera at the object and press the shutter release button to measure distance. To measure the height, you just have to point the camera at the ground of the object.

Click here for more measure distance apps for Android devices/smartphones:


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