How to limit Kids tech use

These are the digital days hence guiding our kids not just in real world but also in always on digital world is equally important. It is we(parents) who have to teach our children to use technology in a healthy way and learn the skills and habits that makes them successful digital kids or the citizens. These days kids from one and half years understands and operates gadgets better than us. Hence let us see how to make technology work for our kids at each stage of life and we will also see ways to limit kids tech use.

Aim for Balance:

It is very well known to all of us that the world is becoming digital driven and the technology stays for years and it keeps growing year on year. Technology empowers kids of all ages with tools that help them learn in a fun and engaging ways. It also gives them platform to express their creativity and stay connected with the world. Most importantly kids who are technology savvy will be ready for workforce in digital days.

Being parents we naturally worry about children accessing inappropriate content on Internet. Parents also worry about screen impart on healthy growth of children. Hence a balanced approach to these challenges is very much essential.

Balance differs from family to family because each family is unique and parenting styles vary from family to family. Look for warning signs of unhealthy usage of Internet, gadgets, smartphones or computers. Note the following signs:

  • Your child is unhappy when he/she does not have access to Gadgets/Tech.
  • Your child cannot resist or becomes harsh when you set screen time limits.
  • Being a parent, we have to educate the child that screen time directly interferes with sleep.
  • Our definition of healthy and unhealthy technology usage should differ time to time as it is difficult to predict what the digital world will look like in few years from now.

It is highly recommended to do the following regularly to limit kids tech use:

  1. Watch if kids are accessing age appropriate content.
  2. Set the privacy settings for social media and other online accounts.
  3. Restrict strangers from seeing your children’s contact information.
  4. Set screen time limits to balance online and offline activities.

Parents are the Role Model:

Children are likely to follow and copy behavior of parents. They also feel like they have to compete with parents. Hence parents should be role model for children and guide them while accessing technology.

Set boundaries for work time and family time.

Connect with your family after coming home from work.

Stay away from gadgets during meals or dinner time.


Create Technology free Zones:

Image how good it would be if you have a technology free zone at home? That means there is no access to smartphones, laptops and other gadgets in this zone. This will play a major role in limiting kids tech use.


There should be times to unplug Gadgets:

There should be times during which the entire family unplugs from technology or the Gadgets. Example: An hour before bedtime or during lunch times.


Parental Controls to limit kids tech use:

It is very important to protect children from inappropriate content on Internet or TV. Hence using parental controls would a good idea. This allows parents to monitor children.

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