How to get unlimited storage on Google photos

How to get unlimited storage on Google photos

Google photos

For almost 80% of the smartphone users storage is concern as the smartphone cameras are getting better day by day. We capture high quality images and 4K videos which results in killing the phones storage. I know many of you want to know how to get unlimited storage or how to increase the Google Photos storage.

Uploading photos and videos to cloud storage is one of the ways to save space. However you know most of the cloud storage service providers only provide limited storage as they are offering this for free. You do have an option to increase however you have to upgrade the cloud storage by paying additional charges.

Is there a way that helps users to back up unlimited images and videos?

Yes, there is a way and the answer is “Google Photos”.

Here are the steps on How to get unlimited storage on Google Photos:

Tap on “Backup mode” and choose the option “High Quality”.

Open Google Photos app.

Tap on 3 horizontal bars from top corner.

Click Settings option

Turn on Back up & Sync

From Backup mode, choose High Quality.

Now head to Device folders and select all the folders you want to upload.

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