How to enable Facebook Dark Mode?

Dark mode is very popular these days and the reason for Dark mode popularity is because it is easier to enjoy favorite apps at night. Dark mode dims the screen and tones down colours making it easy to read or watch videos at night. In addition to this, eyes will suffer less strain when the dark mode is turned on. Now let’s see what is Facebook dark mode and how to enable Facebook dark mode.

Now when it comes to Facebook, does it has dark mode?

Facebook has “Dark Mode” for messenger. You can use the native features to enable the dark mode on Facebook messenger. However, the dark mode cannot be enabled on Facebook app.

Dark mode can be turned on on Facebook using Google Chrome extensions, 3rd party apps, and some other tricks.

How to enable Dark Mode on Facebook Messenger?

Click on the app and launch it.

Select your profile picture and toggle on the button next to Dark mode option to “On”.

How to turn off: To turn off Dark mode, toggle Dark Mode back to “Off”.

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