How to download Movies

There are number of websites to download movies online. When you search websites to download Movies, you get a big list of websites. However most of the movie files or sites offering free movies may end up into downloading links to computer viruses. These files also could infect your computer and also can take control of your computer.

Also please note that most of the sites offering these free movies are illegal and violate copyright laws. Hence I would suggest to make sure that the movies that you try to download are legal to download.

Now let us see some of the free streaming sites or websites that offer free movie downloads.
The Internet Archive Movies: This website offers some of the best movies uploaded by Archive users and that too for free. These movies include full length films to cartoons.
Public Domain Torrents: This site offers large collection of movies that end up on the public domain.

Below are few more websites where you can download Movies:

MoviesFoundOnline, Sony Crackle, YouTube, Popcorn Flix and TopDocumentaryfilms


Warning: While downloading movies it is highly recommended not to break any laws in your region.

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