How to do reverse image search on Mobile phones

Do you know that you can find similar images or photos from the Internet using a reverse image search? I know most of you out there know about this feature. If your search is for how to do a reverse image search on Mobile phones, here we go.

These days it is very important to check your work or images around the internet as your photos or images deserve credit for the hard work that you put in. That is not all, these are the days wherein people steal data, content and creative work using hacking tricks. Hence reverse image search helps you to catch these people if they are using your creative work.

Google Reverse image search helps you to quickly discover similar images or photos on the web. You just have to upload a photo or an image from desktop to Google images and it gives you related images used on other websites. In addition to that, it also shows the different sizes of the same photo. This is a great feature by Google that helps Bloggers, companies, journalists, etc to find original sources of a photo. You can also know the approximate published date.

Google reverse image search on Desktop:

Compatible browsers: Chrome, Firefox, and Safari

Google image search

Google image search

Steps to perform reverse image search:

  1. On your Desktop or laptop, open a web browser.
  2. Go to Google images or open
  3. Click Upload an image and choose a file or Browse.
  4. Select the photo or the image from your computer.
  5. Click choose file and open to view result.
Google image search

Google image search

Note: You can also use the image URL to perform an image search.


How to do a reverse image search on Mobile phones/ Android smartphone:

  1. On an Android smartphone or a tablet, go to
  2. Enter a description of the image you wish to find.
  3. Tap Search.
  4. Tap the image or photo that you want to search with.
  5. Touch and hold the image. Tap Search Google for this image.


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