Google launched Bolo Android App in India – Speech based reading tutor app

As the usage of smartphone has increased in Rural India, Google has plans to help the children with reading skills. As part of this, Google unveiled “Bolo Android app“, a speech based reading tutor app. The reason behind this initiative should be because the kids in rural areas may not have access to good education support.

Bolo app is now available for free via Google Play store. They say that the app also works offline.

Google know very well that technology has the power to help transform teaching and learning and hence launched the app that benefit students in rural areas.

They say that the Bolo app helps children improve their English and Hindi reading skills, the app also encourages the kids to read aloud. It looks like the app has large number of engaging stories that help children in improving comprehension skills. Google says that the material on the app is free.

Another good news is that Google has added in app rewards and badges to Bolo along with word games.

The app helps children:
Read all by themselves.
Choose from a large collection of Stories.
Enjoy as they learn.
Improve at their own pace.
Understand English/Hindi better.
Read without distractions.
All of this in a Safe and Secure manner.

Google says that Bolo includes Diya assistant that can read the text aloud for children. They say that Diya also explains the meaning of text, speaks English and Hindi.

Bolo app can be downloaded from Google play store and it works with all Android smartphones running KitKat or above versions.

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