Best websites for checking Google Keyword Ranking

For all the bloggers out there, one of the important elements of Search Engine optimization is selecting the Right Keyword, making them rank and tracking the position of the keyword in Google search.

As a blogger it is very much required to check his/her Google keyword rankings for target keywords. Here we will talk about tool that shows where a specific keyword ranks in Google search results. As a result finding the ranking of a keyword without manually going through tens and tens of search results and pages is very easy.

Let us see few best websites for checking Google Keyword Rankings or position:


When it comes to checking Google Keyword Ranking SEMrush stands in the first place. You just have to enter the URL of your Blog or website to see keyword ranking. You can either enter the Blog URL or the URL of any of the posts.

SEMrush to check keyword ranking

SEMrush to check keyword ranking

Note: The tool gives you a 14 day free trial and after the trial period, you have to go for a paid version.



Accuranker to check keyword ranking

AccuRanker is a great tool for those looking for paid keyword position checker. However 14 day trial is also available. The tool or the app has an option to track keyword ranking in Google search and the search is also available for Bing.



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