Best Weather apps and Widgets for Android devices

There were days when we used to read newspaper, listen radio or watch local news to get weather updates. Those days are over and the entry of smart phones.  Smartphone in our pocket is now used to know weather. Weather App or widget makes it even easier to check current conditions.

Now the question is what are the Best Weather apps to check weather? Keeping this in mind, we have few suggestions for you. Here are the Best weather apps and widgets for Android devices.


AccuWeather is one of the most used apps to know weather these days. The App has everything from extended forecasts to live Radar and the most unique feature is ‘MinuteCast’. This feature shows precipitation on a minute by minute basis.


Reasons why you will love to use AccuWeather:

  • Accurate weather forecasts whenever and wherever you need them.
  • Severe Weather warnings that keep you safe.
  • Weather updates wherever you are.
  • Live weather 24/7.

Yahoo Weather:

Yahoo takes the honor for being the prettiest weather App and because it is powered by weather underground. Its forecasts and data have the accuracy of its nationwide network of personal weather stations.

  • You have an option to details like wind, pressure and precipitation.
  • See animated sunrise, Sunset, wind and pressure modules.
  • Browse interactive maps
  • You have favorite cities and destinations.


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