Best Practical ways to control your Anger – Anger Management tips at workplace

Anger is the moment and emotional reaction we experience at some time of time. I had been a victim of anger many times and situations. I know many of us want to know how to overcome anger in daily life.

Here are practical ways to control Anger:

Stay Cool:

They say the right time to stay cool is when tempers are red and hot and your colleagues are involved in a “dispute” or a shouting stage. You may be as much responsible for the consequences of angry emotions.

Being cool and one of the active players in the shouting situation you could decide to take control of the situation. Try to adopt a more reasonable approach and calm down the situation.


Think before you Speak:

At workplace interactions we could face situations that lead outbursts of temper. There could be tension between some employees involving you as well.

This is the time where in you should hold back your words which may not be easy but which you need to do to ensure that the situation does not go out of control.

Control your temptation to instantly speak out your mind and to react to situations and incidents on the spur of the moment. When you think before you speak, the participants in the “Shouting match” may be willing to discuss matters in a considerable frame of mind.


Identify the triggers to anger:

Main reasons of anger are how we react to situations and incidents at workplace. These triggers may lie within you or in your colleagues around you. If your colleagues are rude or lose his or her temper then it is the time for you to minimize your interactions with them. With my experience, I would say calm down for a while and everything will be in place.

The best thing to do is, list out triggers causing tempers to burst up at work. Share the list with your colleagues to ensure that they are also equally aware of the triggers and are better prepared to take preemptive and preventive steps to avoid tempers bursting up.


Look for Solutions:

It is always recommended that you start looking for solutions to problems that may have lead to situations causing tempers to flare up. When you have a solution, there will be no exchange of words or situations that lead to angry exchanges.


Excuse yourself:

When you notice angry exchanges involving you really flaring up, it is better to leave the place and physically disconnect your presence. Leave the place for some time; call a friend to handle the situation that has the potential to go out of control.



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