Best Photo Storage apps to save photos in cloud

These are the days wherein smartphones are competing with DSLRs when it comes to clicking crystal clear photos. Keeping those amazing smartphones in hand who does not like click photos and save those memories? However, storage is the concern as most of the smartphones have a maximum of 100GB of inbuilt storage. This is when the cloud storage comes in to picture, many smartphone users have started fetching for options to store photos online/cloud. Keeping that in mind, we have some handpicked apps for you. Let’s take a look at those Best Photo Storage apps to save photos in the cloud.

Here are the Photo apps to save your sweet memories in the cloud:

  • Google Photos
  • Dropbox
  • Apple Photos
  • Microsoft OneDrive
  • Box


Google Photos:

The first one on the list is Google Photos, my favorite cloud storage for photos. Google Photos is one common app that most of the smartphone users use to store photos. It allows you to back up unlimited photos of up to 16MP resolution and that too for free. You can access Google Photos from any smartphone running Android or iOS operating system. In addition to that, you can also access Google Photos from through web. You can store not only photos but also unlimited videos of up to 1080P resolution in Google Photos. The app has features like Private messaging, manual face tagging, etc.


You can find your photos faster.

Easy Photos and videos uploads

No more duplicates

High-Quality setting option

Photo search

Image Editing

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Dropbox is another cloud storage option to save your documents, photos and transfer large files. Using Dropbox you can send large files of upto 100MB. The cloud storage is available on Android and iOS platforms. It is also accessible online through The app/service comes with 2GB of storage however, there is a paid plan. You can upgrade your plan and get storage of up to 3TB of storage space.


Apple Photos:

For iPhone and iPad users, Apple has “Apple Photos”. This is especially for native users i.e for those who use Apple products. You get 5GB of storage space via iCloud to store photos and videos. There is an option to upgrade the plans that offer up to 2TB of storage space. Android users do not have an app to access Apple Photos however Android users can access iCloud account by visiting from the device.

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