Most commonly asked Interview Questions

If you are a fresher and wondering what questions will be asked in an interview, here are some of the question and answers for you:

Most commonly asked Interview Questions:

A very common question that is asked by every interviewer:

Question: Tell me something about yourself?

Human Resource Manager asks you to introduce yourself. The reason behind asking this question is to know how well you introduce yourself and to know as much as possible about you. This question is not only asked for fresher but also for an experienced candidate.

Answer:  You have to give the best possible introduction of yourself. Make sure you start with your name and talk about your studies, family members, hobbies, and areas of interest. The answer should be in such a way that there is nothing left to ask about you. Look into the interviewer’s eyes and introduce yourself confidently, also carry a smile in your face.

Example:  Start like this “ My Name is (your name). I am from (your place), graduated in (course). My family consists of ……… members. My Father is a …….., my mother is a ……….Speak about other family members. My Hobbies are playing chess, playing cricket, Blogging…. Etc. Never forget to mention about awards that you got during graduation. (if any)

Note: Keep your nervousness aside for some time.


Question: Why do you want to apply for this job/Role?

The reason for asking this question is, He/she would like to know why you are interested in this job.

Answer: You can tell the interviewer that working for this particular company/role was my dream. I prepared myself to be able to work for this job. Make sure you give an answer that is convincing and do not tell the interviewer that you want the job just to make money.


Question: What would be your Salary Expectation?

I’m sure you will be asked this question at some point in the interview process. HRs would like to know your salary expectation and you must answer this question very wisely.

Answer: Never get excited and demand a salary that you do not deserve to get or you do not worth getting. Give a number of what is the industry is giving to others at this point in time. Make sure that the number that you tell sounds good to HR.


Question: How long would you work with us?

This question is very important for the company. Every employer expects its employees to be with the company for at least 3 – 5 years as they spend lot of money on training employees. By now you should have an answer to this question.

Answer: Never tell the HR that you are working for pocket money and you will work 3-5 months. HR will not consider you for the role is they know that you will leave the company within 6 months of recruiting. Tell the HR that you are serious and would work for a long time.


Question: Where do you stay or where is your put – up or where do you live?

This is a common question asked in almost all the interviews as HR would like to know if you are living far from the workplace as it is difficult to come to work daily.

Answer: Make sure that you answer this question honestly and tell the HR where you live. If your place of living is far from the workplace, convince the HR that you will come to work without any problem. If you have plans to shift to closer to the workplace, inform that to HR so that He/She will consider your offer.


Question: Who else is there in your family?

HR asks this question to know more about your Background.

Answer: There is nothing to hide here. If you live with your family then tell them or else tell that you are living with friends or staying alone.


Question: Where do you see yourself in the Next 3 to 5 years?

You can expect this question in most of the interviews. HRs ask this question to know your ambition for the future or to know about your goals.

Answer: You could say that you would like to become the head of the operations or the CEO of the company in the next 8 years. Say “This is what I’m aiming, however, rest I will leave to god.”

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