20 Must visit Tourist places in India

There are some amazing and attractive tourist places in India and visiting these places is an unforgettable experience in life. We will discuss 20 must-visit tourist places in India.

20 Must visit tourist places in India:

  1. Sunset on Brahmaputra River
  2. Frozen Lakes of Himalayas
  3. Islands of Lakshadweep
  4. Natural Beauty of Western Ghats
  5. Ghats of Varanasi
  6. The mangrove forest of Sundarbans
  7. Shimmers on Ladakh Lakes
  8. Waterfalls of Shillong
  9. Wildlife in Kanha National Park
  10. The Thar Desert – One night in the Thar Desert
  11. Backwaters of Kerala
  12. Exotic Beaches of Goa
  13. The mountains of Manali
  14. Forest of North East
  15. Temples of Bhubaneswar
  16. Trek to Valley of Flowers
  17. Tranquil hills of Kodaikanal
  18. Araku Valley – Eastern Ghats
  19. Kanyakumari
  20. Tea Gardens of Darjeeling


Horsley Hills

Sunset on Brahmaputra River:

The Brahmaputra is one of the well known and famous rivers in Northeast India. The river originates in Himalayan Lake Manasarover in Tibet and flows through Arunachal Pradesh and the valley of Assam. They say that Brahmaputra River is one of the best attractions in Northeast India.

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